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Non-Executive Chairperson

UK or US Based ∙ Enterprise Software/HCM


Company Overview

ProFinda is pioneering ‘Workforce Optimization’. This emerging £20bn software category will transform organisations, their productivity and the entire employee talent agenda. It will disrupt the recruitment industry, traditional ERPs and HCM and empower the employee by far better support their journeys.

Skills are at the heart of every government and organisational agenda. And ProFinda is leading this work. With our unique approach to skills and data science, our global clients and channel partnerships, we are entering a widely exciting growth phase.

ProFinda is headquartered in London and now boasts leading clients in the US. Since going live in 2013, the CEO took the business through a key ‘pivot’ in 2017, which asserted the business and its key market fit. Since this refocus, ProFinda has secured key marque multinational accounts and is now moving into and across the US for its growth phase.

We are changing the way companies understand and think about their people and the way people think about their own careers, by making the total talent pool a reality. To take customers on this journey we need to win their confidence, excel at delivery and continually delight them as the product grows and changes. And beyond all of this, ProFinda is, at its core, a purpose led business. ProFinda’s mission to connect over 3 billion working professionals and redefine how people work, and opportunities connect.

Role Overview

Whilst ProFinda embarks on an exciting growth journey, it is essential for the company and its investors to remain organized and focused.  As Chair of the Board, you will work closely with the CEO and board members to help shape the future direction of the company in line with the vision of the business and with your deep understanding of its culture, people and processes. Your knowledge of growth phases, technology and the wider industry will help you prepare ProFinda for all eventualities and quickly identify both risks and opportunities facing the business.


You will work closely with the CEO, with growth strategy, in a mentorship role, chairing meetings of the Board of Directors, setting meeting agendas, in conjunction with the Company Secretary, managing and providing leadership to the Board of Directors, and acting as a direct liaison between the Board and the Company’s management, through the CEO.  You will bring your own network and expertise to help and guide the company to become a global marketplace leader. Ideally, you are already a highly experienced board member with past leadership of growth businesses and the ability to guide/manage through influence. You will proactively operate as an informed leader, able to get into the details of operations and running the business, provide guidance and constructive feedback while keeping everyone accountable.




Board Leadership


  • Chair and lead the performance of the Board, ensuring its effectiveness in all aspects of its role and set a Board agenda, which is primarily focused on strategy, performance, value creation and accountability, ensuring that issues relevant to these areas are reserved for Board decision.
  • Ensure, in conjunction with the CEO, that the Board determines the nature and extent of the material risks that ProFinda is willing to embrace in the implementation of its strategy.
  • Facilitate the effective contribution of non-executive directors and encourage open constructive communication, both in and outside the Boardroom, between the non-executive directors and the executive team.
  • Ensure that the directors receive accurate, high quality and timely information and reports to enable them to effectively monitor all aspects of the Group’s business.
  • Ensure the Board has effective decision-making processes, is fully appraised of ProFinda’s strategic direction and has the opportunity to debate and contribute to major proposals.
  • Ensure the Board’s Committees are properly structured with appropriate terms of reference.
  • Chair the Governance ensuring regular consideration of succession planning and the composition of the Board and its Committees.
  • Lead the development of the Group's culture by the Board.

Stakeholder Relationships

  • In conjunction with the CEO, ensure effective engagement with shareholders, including ensuring their views are communicated to the Board, as a whole.
  • Ensure, in conjunction with the CEO, effective engagement with stakeholders to understand issues and develop relationships, in particular clients and customers, employees, governments and regulators, business partners, rating agencies, the media, special interest groups who have legitimate concerns or involvement and the communities in which the Group operates.


  • Promote high standards of integrity, probity, ethics, diversity & inclusion.
  • Ensure that the Group operates to the highest standards of corporate governance.
  • Consult the Senior Independent Director on board matters in accordance with the UK and international laws.


Board Induction, Evaluation and Development

  • Own the ongoing evaluation of the performance of the Board, its growth, its Committees and individual directors at least once a year, and act on the results by recognising the strengths and addressing the weaknesses of the Board.
  • Oversee the assessment of fitness and propriety of all non-executive directors going forward who are not in scope.
  • Lead on matters of director development, including the development and monitoring effective implementation of policies and procedures for the induction, training and professional development of all directors and regular reviews with all directors.


  • Enterprise software and growth - Sympathy, experience and a deep understanding of the challenges and strategies to execute successful enterprise technology, especially as a new segment, in a growth phase.
  • Product - Sympathy, experience and an understanding of product in conjunction with new markets.
  • Financial rigour and governance - expertise with ensured financial rigour and foundational business governance around reporting, objective, budgets etc.
  • Ability to Chair Meetings - ProFinda is at a particular critical junction. The board impacts strategic decisions that define the organisation’s destiny for years to come. The ability to manage those meetings effectively is key. The Chair must ensure that all the business is discussed in line with the agenda, that everyone’s views are heard and discussed, that clear decisions are reached and accepted and that they follow up to make sure agreed actions are carried out in line with Board decisions.
  • Understanding ProFinda and their market - An exceptional ProFinda Chair will understand the business, product, its market, its culture, people and processes. They will also understand the wider industry and prepare the Company for eventualities. An experienced Chair can quickly identify opportunities and potential risks facing their organisation. They can engage with their Boards at an early stage to discuss potential courses of action.
  • Ability to Influence Others, Without Dominating - A good Chair is responsible for ensuring that all Board members are using their own unique skills for the good of the organisation. They must ensure all Board members contribute to discussions and the decision-making process and they must allow each Board member to express their views, even if they conflict with the Chair’s view. Developing effective communication with Board members is key. An exceptional Chair is careful not to allow their own personalities to dominate. They are willing to be challenged on their own views and enjoy open debate.
  • Strong Personality: The role of the Chair is a difficult job. They have ultimate responsibility for Board performance. A good Chair gives strength and support to others while being resilient themselves. This requires a strong personality. Even the most experienced and effective Boards can face challenging times and the ability of the Chair to deal with these situations and to bounce back is essential to a Company recovering and moving on.
  • Excellent Communication: One of the exceptional Chair’s secrets of success is effective communication with all stakeholders. Through effective communication, the Chair gains the confidence of their Board of Directors and provides clarity in the boardroom. The Chair’s ability at communicating Company strategy to external stakeholders and giving stakeholders confidence in the Company’s future direction will help keep external pressures at bay. They will also stand up to shareholder pressure, if necessary. An effective Chair does not lose sight of his main priority of improving the long-term performance of the business.

Our culture

We care deeply about being a true ‘future of work’ organisation. That means empowering our people, their journeys and a collective purpose-based approach to a collective mission. Honesty, hard work, transparency and dynamic minds are key for our success.


Each member of our team is constantly influencing and refining our culture. We are focused on making the future of work the reality of work for our clients today, so we live by example in what may be best described as a collaborative, team-first, horizontal culture. We must enjoy and have fun. Everyone pitches in and everyone shares the success. 


Corporate Social Responsibility

The ProFinda platform will make a great impact to many campaigns, globally.  We are constantly looking at ways we can make a genuine impact on these important issues. Our engagement across a number of ‘for good’ organisations is growing, and it is something we encourage all of our team to participate in.



Christina Tancredi

Talent Acquisition Lead



At ProFinda, we are committed to being an equal opportunity employer and value diversity. All applicants and teammates are encouraged to apply without regard to race, ethnicity, color, age, sex, religion, national origin, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental disability, national origin, marital status or any other basis covered by appropriate law. All employment is determined on the basis of qualifications, merit, and business need.

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